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This is a 2 channel controller kit (excluding rack mount case) for our PI-REPEATER-2X controller.

This includes the Raspberry Pi 3, 32GB SD card, Panel mount Dsub Cable adapters, and USB power supply.

This includes everything required to get the PI-REPEATER-2X board up and running.

If you don't need the full kit and only want the basic controller board and cables, please visit the item page for only the controller.

Recommended accessory is the 1RU Rack mount kit for shielding and permanent installs.


During initial launch we are expecting a meaningful number of orders, but like with all things we have to balance inventory on hand vs predicted sales volume. To further complicate things, we are offering multiple kits that will all consume the controllers and accessories in varying quantities.

To allow for this, we are going to allow the inventory to go negative and will order additional runs as we see the sales warrant. This may result in some back-orders, but rest assured we will be actively monitoring the situation to minimize the lead-times.

Manuals are being developed so these are still incomplete, but feel free to browse what is provided so far to get a sense of the features of the platform.

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