LINKER IIa Microprocessor

Your processor has died? You have old firmware? Simply order one of these to get the latest software available
This is a replacement controller IC for any hardware version of the Linker IIa product line. All units will be shipped with the most current revision of the software. Currently the firmware revision is at 1.43

Image of Linker IIa Controller IC

1RU Rack mount enclosure

It is often desired to be able to install the Linker IIA controllers in a standard 19 inch equipment rack. That is where this enclosure comes in handy. The openings are made so you can easily access the connections needed while still providing protection for the controller unit

Image of Linker IIA Rack Mount Enclosure

DADM Replacement Cable

Replacement cable for the DADM module

Image of DADM Cable

MASTR III Extender Card

Replacement extender card for analog Mastr III stations. This extender card has aluminum support rails with card guides for supporting the extended module. Measures 5 1/4(T) by 10 1/4(L) (133x260mm) not including the mating connectors or the support rails

Image of MASTR III Extender Card

MASTR III Mini Extender Card

Replacement mini extender card for analog Mastr III stations. Measures 4.2"(T) by 7"(L) (107x178mm) not including the mating connectors.

Image of MASTER III Mini Extender Card

MTR2000/3000 III to Linker-IIa Adaptor Card

A specially designed adapter board for interfacing between an MTR2000/3000 high density connector to the Linker IIa DB9 pinout.

Image of MTR2000/3000 to Linker-IIa Adapter