The MASTR II series of radios from GE were very popular when in production, and these great radios are still abound in the ham radio community.  To help keep these great radios working and add the modern controller features available in the PI-REPEATER family, ICS has created some specialized boards specifically for interfacing with these radios to make modernizing them as easy as possible.

MASTR II Chassis Extender Card

To help with adjusting and aligning the MASTR II, we have created an extender board that helps to bring out the chassis connectors so you can get inside the cards to troubleshoot and take measurements.  All connections are brought out with heavy copper traces to ensure even high current nets don’t have voltage sag as a result of the extender board.










The PI-REPEATER-<1X/2X>-M2SC is designed to mate directly to the chassis with all connections being made directly to the edge-card gold fingers.  This means you won’t need to have a power supply cable, controller adapter cables, etc going all over the place making wiring knots.  At most, you may need an Ethernet cable to the Raspberry Pi 3B, and a GPS antenna cable if you desire to add features that utilize these options.

NOTE: This board is still in development as the original requester has not been able to perform the necessary testing.  We don’t have the equipment on hand to complete the evaluations. If you are interested in helping to test it out, please contact us and we can discuss how you can help us get it tested and released to the public.  For would be testers, we will offer the system up through a sale price, with the expectation that you will help with the physical radio testing, and provide feedback on whats working and what isn’t.