Passive Adapter Boards

We have a few passive adapter offerings to supplement the MTR2000 radio system.  These allow you to add the controller of your choice from existing Linker-IIas, PI-Repeaters in a stand-alone configurations, or others of your choice.

For the non PI-REPEATER-1X/2X customers, we offer a couple adapter boards that convert from the high density 96 pin connectors down to more standard DSUB-9 connectors.  This makes it very convenient to upgrade or tinker with the MTR2000/Controller options.  All you need is a DSUB-9 cable with a 1:1 pinout to go between the controller and the interface board.

All schematics are provided in our documents page for convenience,

Included is a 6-pin header that allows you to use the 4-wire audio option or accessory audio as desired.

  • Accessory connector audio

install the jumpers between pins 2&3, and 4&5,  and you ready to go.

  1. GND
  2. Controller Receive Audio
  3. Radio Receive Audio
  4. Radio Transmit Audio
  5. Controller Transmit Audio
  6. GND
  • 4-wire audio

  1. Receive audio –
  2. Receive audio +
  3. No Connect
  4. No Connect
  5. Transmit audio +
  6. Transmit audio –

Isolation diodes are provided for CTCSS and COR signals between the radio and controller.  These are installed for Active High signal configuration.  Additionally, a 10uF capacitor is provided on the transmit audio line from the controller to the transmitter.

Pi-Repeater Installations

For existing installations with a Pi-Repeater-<1X/2X> or pinout compatible controllers such as the RC210 and others. The MTR2000-Repeater Adapter brings out a DSUB-9 connector with a pinout that a lot of you will be familiar with.

Pinout of the DSUB-9:

  1. No connect
  2. CTCSS
  3. PTT
  4. Tx Audio
  5. Rx Audio
  6. GND
  7. COS/COR
  8. GND
  9. GND

Pinout of the 5-pin header

  1.  GND
  2.  RSSI
  3.  VSWR
  4.  AC Power Failure
  5. GPIO-0

“Basic” and Linker-IIa Installations

For existing installations with an ICS-CTRL Linker-IIa or “Basic” controller, look at the MTR2000-Linker IIa Adapter which brings out the DSUB-9 to a pinout compatible with these controllers.

Pinout of the DSUB-9:

  1. GND
  2. Vinput
  3. PTT
  4. No Connect
  5. Tx Audio
  6. Rx Audio
  7. No Connect
  8. COS/COR
  9. CTCSS

Integrated Pi-Repeater-1X Adapter

With the PI-REPEATER-1X-MTR2000 you get a fully integrated PI-REPEATER controller running on a Raspberry Pi Zero, in a nice tight package that connects directly to the high density connector on your MTR2000.  This eliminates most interconnect cables and doesn’t occupy any additional rack space, or power outlets.