Passive Adapter Boards

We have a few passive adapter offerings to supplement the MTR2000 radio system.  These allow you to add the controller of your choice from existing Linker-IIas, PI-Repeaters in a stand-alone configurations, or others of your choice.

For the non PI-REPEATER-1X/2X customers, we offer a couple adapter boards that convert from the high density 96 pin connectors down to more standard DSUB-9 connectors.  This makes it very convenient to upgrade or tinker with the MTR2000/Controller options.  All you need is a DSUB-9 cable with a 1:1 pinout to go between the controller and the interface board.

All schematics are provided in our documents page for convenience,

Included is a 6-pin header that allows you to use the 4-wire audio option or accessory audio as desired.

  • Accessory connector audio

install the jumpers between pins 2&3, and 4&5,  and you ready to go.

  1. GND
  2. Controller Receive Audio
  3. Radio Receive Audio
  4. Radio Transmit Audio
  5. Controller Transmit Audio
  6. GND
  • 4-wire audio

  1. Receive audio –
  2. Receive audio +
  3. No Connect
  4. No Connect
  5. Transmit audio +
  6. Transmit audio –

Isolation diodes are provided for CTCSS and COR signals between the radio and controller.  These are installed for Active High signal configuration.  Additionally, a 10uF capacitor is provided on the transmit audio line from the controller to the transmitter.

Pi-Repeater Installations

For existing installations with a Pi-Repeater-<1X/2X> or pinout compatible controllers such as the RC210 and others. The MTR2000-Repeater Adapter brings out a DSUB-9 connector with a pinout that a lot of you will be familiar with.

Pinout of the DSUB-9:

  1. No connect
  2. CTCSS
  3. PTT
  4. Tx Audio
  5. Rx Audio
  6. GND
  7. COS/COR
  8. GND
  9. GND

Pinout of the 5-pin header

  1.  GND
  2.  RSSI
  3.  VSWR
  4.  AC Power Failure
  5. GPIO-0

“Basic” and Linker-IIa Installations

For existing installations with an ICS-CTRL Linker-IIa or “Basic” controller, look at the MTR2000-Linker IIa Adapter which brings out the DSUB-9 to a pinout compatible with these controllers.








Pinout of the DSUB-9:

  1. GND
  2. Vinput
  3. PTT
  4. No Connect
  5. Tx Audio
  6. Rx Audio
  7. No Connect
  8. COS/COR
  9. CTCSS

Integrated Pi-Repeater-1X Adapter

With the PI-REPEATER-1X-MTR2000 you get a fully integrated PI-REPEATER controller running on a Raspberry Pi Zero, in a nice tight package that connects directly to the high density connector on your MTR2000.  This eliminates all the interconnect cables and doesn’t occupy any additional rack space, or power outlets.


NOTE: This board is still in development as the original requester has not been able to perform the necessary testing.  We don’t have the equipment on hand to complete the evaluations. If you are interested in helping to test it out, please contact us and we can discuss how you can help us get it tested and released to the public.  For would be testers, we will offer the system up through a sale price, with the expectation that you will help with the physical radio testing, and provide feedback on whats working and what isn’t.