We have a number of radio repeater controllers to help you get your radios connected up as a repeater. To help with the task we also offer a couple handy extender cards and adapter to help with getting access to some of the tuning adjustments on the card chassis style radio setups and to bring out the useful signals from a high density connector. Our repeater controller families all use DSUB-9 connectors which allow the easiest time building up cables with most radios.  We know there are many out there with RJ (ethernet, phone) type connectors as well, but to keep it simple, we chose to stick with the DSUB-9 as the primary method of connection.  For a few designs, we have made specialty adapter boards that break out high density connectors into the more user/cable friendly DSUB-9 format. To find the best product to suite your setup, first drop down the PRODUCTS menu and then look for either your desired controller model or the radio model you have if listed. If you don’t find something specific to your radio system, then you should choose the family of controller you are interested in and go from there.  If you can’t find something that will work for you, we welcome you to contact us using our contact page, provide as much detail as you can about your radio, links to details, etc as you can and we will get back to you typically same day, but occasionally withing a couple days if we are travelling to an event on the road. If we don’t offer something that works cleanly for you, we may elect to develop an adapter to help you out.  Examples of where we have done this already are our popular Daniels chassis, MTR2000 and Quantar adapter boards.  Yours could be next.