Linker IIa


  • Very easy to set up and operate
  • Uses the ICS operating system
  • Values entered in volts, seconds, WPM (Even Fractional Values)
  • Uses More, Good, Bad, indications when programming in values and parameters
  • All programmable data stored in on-board EEPROM
  • Over 130 functions available
  • Has excellent support for Cross banding – Interoperability – One service can talk to another
  • Programmable courtesy tones
  • Separate, full control receiver input, separate COS and audio inputs

DTMF Control System

  • DTMF for programming and control
  • DTMF control using Port 2 if enabled
  • 25 DTMF programmable code / function memories
  • Each DTMF code can be programmed to be from 1 to 5 digits
  • Has DTMF muting on both ports (can be disabled)
  • In programming mode all functions can be entered in directly using their 2 or 3 digit number
  • Setup mode (programming mode) Control op mode and User mode

Electronic Control System

  • High quality JFET opamps – Top audio quality, High output
  • High quality JFET transistors used in the audio circuit
  • Low rolloff <50Hz
  • Programmable timer for TX fan control
  • Programmable courtesy tones
  • Microprocessor control of encode and decode
  • Beacon mode
  • Programmable Anti-kerchunker filter
  • Discriminator or straight through audio for all 3 receiver ports
  • By adding a resistor audio can go from the control RX to the repeater TX
  • Seven high quality pots (Bourns) for level adjustments
  • Nine LED’s for system status indication
  • Built in Watchdog timer
  • The Linker IIa has 3 auxiliary outputs (one or two are shared with port 2)


  • Full control receiver port, COS, audio and has priority
  • Separate Plug for a third party encode / decode module (TS 64)
  • COS only, CTCSS only, AND, OR functions available on ports 1 and 2
  • Encode is mixed in with the transmitter’s audio if enabled
  • Voltage and polarity selectable COS input for the control receiver
  • Voltage and polarity programmable COS and CTCSS inputs for both port 1 and 2
  • Special dedicated 10 pin plug for port 1 CTCSS
  • A programmable encode hang timer can be enabled / disabled
  • Anti-kerchunker filters on Port 1 and Port 2
  • Port 1 and Port 2 activate TX1 encode, if enabled, port selectable

Remote Base / Link functions (Port 2)

  • Port 2 can be setup as half duplex, full duplex, slave repeater and cross-peat
  • Remote base memories are controlled by the Linker IIa controller
  • Remote base memory number read back after the memory is selected and by request
  • Selection of a remote base memory is done just by selecting the memory number
  • The remote base control system remembers the current remote base memory
  • The Linker IIa will return the remote base to the home memory when disabled

Other information

  • Over 85 Page Manual with Schematic (See Docs page)
  • Small footprint of 4″ x 4.5″
  • Full ground plane on board for quiet audio and RFI protection