You will find a number of offerings for your Daniels chassis that have a 96-pin accessory connector, including integrated controllers, interface adapters, and extender cards.


The PI-REPEATER-<1X/2X>-MT3 controller system is built around our PI-REPEATER controller interface, but fully integrated to eliminate the extra cabling. Depending on which setup your MT3 uses, you can select the single channel 1X version (for those with the amplifier in the chassis) or the 2X version with independent controller channels.

Both versions interface connect the entire controller directly to the MT3 backplane, allowing for a minimal amount of cabling and clutter.  The interface adapter board has direct mounting of the Raspberry Pi 3B, and includes a power adapter (5V@2A) from the provided 12V supply bus on the MT3 giving the Raspberry Pi 3B plenty of power. Included is a pair of 14 pin header that allows selection of a number of audio configurations for both transmit and receive audio on each port. Please refer to the documents page for schematics on these products as applicable, https://ics-ctrl.com/docs/.

Included in the package is a

PI-REPEATER-2X-MT3 Controller


PI-REPEATER-1X-MT3 Controller

The Pi-Repeater-1x-MT3 is the same configuration as our PI-Repeater-2X with only 1 full duplex controller rather than the 2 full duplex controller offered in the Pi-Repeater-2x-MT3 option.  Upgrading is easy if you want to add the second port at a later time, you will just need to upgrade the controller board and add the appropriate jumper cables and make the software configuration changes.  The adapter board and Raspberry Pi computer board can be reused.









MT3 Repeater Interface Adapter

The “MT3 Repeater Interface Adapter” is an adapter for the Daniels MT3 chassis back-plane to allow using external repeater controllers such as our PI-REPEATER-2X dual port controller system, or other pinout compatible external controllers.

The board mates directly with the system interface as shown and is held in place with the connector and 2 screws/spacers to prevent creating a lever arm that could break the connectors. The high density connector is brought out to 2 DSUB-9 connectors that follow a pinout common to most controllers, so all you will need is basic 9/10 conductor DSUB-9 cables to connect up to your desired controller.

A pair of 14 pin headers is designed in to allow selection of a number of audio configurations for both transmit and receive audio on each port.  Additionally, a 6-pin screw terminal is provided for each dsub-9 interface, with some useful signals. Please refer to the schematic on our documents page (https://ics-ctrl.com/docs/) for details on the audio interface, and other signal connections.









Pinout of the DSUB-9

  1. No connect
  2. CTCSS
  3. PTT
  4. Tx Audio
  5. -Rx Audio
  6. GND
  7. COS/COR
  8. GND
  9. GND

6-Pin Screw Terminals

Port A

  1. CSEL_A1
  2. CSEL_A0
  3. ALARM_1
  4. VSWR_A
  5. RSSI_A
  6. GND

Port B

  1. CSEL_B1
  2. CSEL_B0
  3. ALARM_2
  4. VSWR_B
  5. RSSI_B
  6. GND

14-Pin Headers

Refer to the schematics for configuration options of the audio pathways.


96 pin Extender Card for AC-3 Audio Control Module

To assist in configuring and aligning your MT3, we have developed a 96 pin extender board that allows you to extend the AC-3 Audio card out of the chassis. All signals are routed through allowing you to bring the module out an additional 7 inches from the normal mated position for easier adjustments. Measures 3.94″(T) by 7″(L) (100X178mm) not including the mating connectors.