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The PI-REPEATER-1X-MT3 system is everything you need to add a PI-REPEATER-1X controller to your Daniels/Codan radio setup.  This system is designed specifically for the MT3 backplane interface, but may work with others that have a common pinout.  The PI-REPEATER-1X-MT3 comes fully assembled. Included is a PI-REPEATER-1X interface board, Raspberry Pi 3B, 32GB microSD card (preloaded), 12V->5V@2A power supply (hardwired to the pi), and all the cables and hardware to bring it together.

We recommend the PI-REPEATER-2X-MT3 for chassis that are configured with either 2 sets of Tx/Rx, or a chassis with 1 TX/RX and amp that will also have a control radio.  The PI-REPEATER-2X also has a few more expansion options included.

We recommend the PI-REPEATER-1X-MT3 for chassis that are configured with a single set of Tx/Rx and amp that will will not have a control radio.

The PI-REPEATER-1X controller board includes a number of extra features that help with integration, and expansion to other equipment and make the installation easier.

  • Built in audio
    • an on-board SGTL5000 audio codec eliminates the need for external USB audio dongles to be able to get input audio
    • audio adjustments
      • Level adjustments – 18 turn potentiometers allows for fine adjustments to both input and output audio channels
      • Flat audio – Flat audio can be enabled with a simple slide switch, this is available independently for both in
      • put audio channels
  • GPIO Expander – 8@ 3.3V GPIO in a 1 x 20 0.1″ (2.54mm) header interface (shared with ADC), great for a variety of NO/NC type sensors, LEDs, control signals, etc.
  • Analog to Digital Converter – 8 Analog inputs (5V reference) through a 1 x 20 0.1″ (2.54mm) header interface (shared with GPIO), great for environmental sensors.
  • Radio Signal interfacing
    • COS (COR) and CTCSS inputs are to tolerant of 12V type radio control signals that can be either active high or active low type.  The active high and active low is selectable with a simple slide switch
    • PTT interfaces provides an active low signal to the radio that is capable of handling up to 2A of current, plenty to handle several modern radios and relays.

Key Specifications

  • Number of full duplex channels: 1
  • Power Consumption 12V@125mA
  • Operating System: Raspbian Stretch (Linux)
  • Repeater Controller Software – SVXlink (open source)


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