Linker IIa Dual Duplex Controller

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Very easy to set up and operate

Uses the ICS operating system

Values entered in volts, seconds, WPM (Even Fractional Values)

Uses More, Good, Bad, indications when programming in values and parameters

All programmable data stored in onboard EEPROM

Over 130 functions available (and more to come…)

Has excellent support for X banding – Interoperability – One service can talk to another

Programmable courtesy tones

Separate, full control receiver input, separate COS and audio inputs

DTMF Control System

DTMF for programming and control

DTMF control using Port 2 if enabled

25 DTMF programmable code / function memories

Each DTMF code can be programmed to be from 1 to 5 digits

Has DTMF muting on both ports (can be disabled)

In programming mode all functions can be entered in directly using their 2 or 3 digit number

Setup mode (programming mode) Control op mode and User mode

Electronic Control System

High quality JFET opamps – Top audio quality, High output

High quality JFET transistors used in the audio circuit

Programmable timer for TX fan control

Programmable courtesy tones

Microprocessor control of encode and decode

Beacon mode

Programmable Antikerchunker filter

Discriminator or straight through audio for all 3 receiver ports

By adding a resistor audio can go from the control RX to the repeater TX

Seven high quality pots (Bourns) for level adjustments

Nine LED’s for system status indication

Built in Watchdog timer

The Linker IIa has 3 auxiliary outputs (one or two are shared with port 2)


Full control receiver port, COS, audio and has priority

Separate Plug for a third party encode / decode module (TS 64)

COS only, CTCSS only, AND, OR functions available on ports 1 and 2

Encode is mixed in with the transmitter’s audio if enabled

Voltage and polarity selectable COS input for the control receiver

Voltage and polarity programmable COS and CTCSS inputs for both port 1 and 2

Special dedicated 10 pin plug for port 1 CTCSS

A programmable encode hang timer can be enabled / disabled

Antikerchunker filters on Port 1 and Port 2

Port 1 and Port 2 activate TX1 encode, if enabled, port selectable

Remote Base / Link functions (Port 2)

Port 2 can be setup as half duplex, full duplex, slave repeater and xpeat

Remote base memories are controlled by the Linker IIa controller

Remote base memory number readback after the memory is selected and by request

Selection of a remote base memory is done just by selecting the memory number

The remote base control system remembers the current remote base memory

The Linker IIa will return the remote base to the home memory when disabled


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