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The PI-REPEATER-2X complete system is everything you need to add a PI-REPEATER controller to your radio setup.  This system comes fully assembled with a specially designed metal enclosure, inside is a PI-REPEATER-2X interface board, Raspberry Pi 3B(+ depending on availability), 32GB microSD card (preloaded) 12V->5V3A USB power supply, dsub-9 adapter cables, all put together inside the protective metal case.

The PI-REPEATER-2X controller board includes a number of extra features that help with integration, and expansion to other equipment and make the installation easier.

  • Built in audio
    • an on-board SGTL5000 audio codec eliminates the need for external USB audio dongles to be able to get input audio
    • audio adjustments
      • Level adjustments – 18 turn potentiometers allows for fine adjustments to both input and output audio channels
      • Flat audio – Flat audio can be enabled with a simple slide switch, this is available independently for both in
      • put audio channels
  • GPIO Expander – 8@ 3.3V GPIO in a DSUB-15 connector interface, great for a variety of NO/NC type sensors, LEDs, control signals, etc.
  • Analog to Digital Converter – 8 Analog inputs (5V reference) through a DSUB-9 connector interface, great for environmental sensors.
  • Radio Signal interfacing
    • COS (COR) and CTCSS inputs are to tolerant of 5-12V type radio control signals that can be either active high or active low type.  The active high and active low is selectable with a simple slide switch
    • PTT interfaces provides an active low signal to the radio that is capable of handling up to 2A of current, plenty to handle several modern radios and relays.
  • I2C expansion header (not preinstalled) – Gives easy access to the I2C bus for adding additional I2C based devices
  • SPI expansion header (not preinstalled)- SPI (CS1) is available for adding a SPI based device
  • UART Header – The simple (TX/RX) UART interface is shared with the GPS socket, but a slide switch will allow you to quickly select between the 2 options.

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