E-PHEMT PreAmplifier


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We are currently unable to support UHF frequencies at the full specifications listed at this time.  We hope this is a temporary situation, please reach out to us if you need a UHF amplifier and we may be able to help with a working solution for your specific needs.

E-PHEMT preamplifier which has been optimized for the selected band range and will be fine tuned to your requested frequency before shipping.

These amplifiers have

  • Typical Gain of 12dB/16dB available
  • Low noise figure under 0.7dB
  • High IP3 of 40+dB.
  • BW = 3-4MHz (VHF)
  • Input and output return loss is optimized for the center frequency requested, typically better than -20dB
  • BNC (F) / SMA (F) / N (F) / Mixed connector options available

Additional information


BNC (F), SMA (F), N (F), Mixed (F)


12dB, 16dB

Frequency Band

144-148MHz, 150-174MHz


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